My name is Clare Judith Lubell (formerly Bowers).  I'm an artist currently living and working in Aarhus, Denmark. I'm attracted to chance occurrences, especially beauty that appears as an unintended consequence of some unrelated, intentional process.  My work incorporates layers of geometric shapes, colors, and patterns that interact in ways both planned and improvised.  

My goal is to allow patterns and structures to emerge and evolve as I work, allowing room for uncertainty, rather than attempting to impose order and meaning.  Through my work I aim to find beauty in the seemingly chaotic, to illustrate the various tensions that exist in the relationship between structure and uncertainty, and to express my awe for the complex and subtle order of the natural world.



Textílsetur Íslands / The Icelandic Textile Center - Artist residency, Blönduós, Iceland - August 2017

Nytomta vävstuga - weaving studio residency, Arvika, Sweden - August 2016


Selected Exhibitions:


Open Lines

Ovartaci Fields, Aarhus, Denmark

Group exhibition with Astrid Skibsted and Michelle Yi Martin


Handgerdir Minjagripir

Textílsetur Íslands, Blönduós, Iceland

Group exhibition with Caryn Aasnes, Deb K WIlliams, Helena Schlichting, Isabel Fuglsang, Marina Sach, and Rosa Smits


Den Røde Tråden

Grünerløkka Bibliotek, Oslo, Norway

Modern, creative approaches to traditional textile crafts.  Group exhibition with Ida Hagen, Hilde Marie Hundsnes, and Linn Markstein

Fiber Fortellinger/Fiber Stories

Is It So Collective, Oslo, Norway

Group exhibition with Ida Hagen, Hilde Marie Hundsnes, and Linn Markstein


The Fabric of Space: Geometry as Muse

a.Muse Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Group show with Victoria Wagner, Gina Borg, Rachel Duvall, and Ali Swearingen


Land & Sky

Hotel Biron, San Francisco, CA

Solo Exhibition


Thinking Like the Universe

Hatch Gallery, Oakland, CA

Group exhibition curated by Aimee Friberg with Miguel Arzabe, Miya Ando, Fritz Chesnut, Randy Colosky, Bryan de Roo, Lauren Douglas, Alan Firestone, Llewelyn Fletcher, Treasure Frey, Sarah Jane Lapp, Terri Loewenthal, Rebecca Najdowski, Tahiti Pehrson, Jesse Schlesinger, Adam Sorensen, Andy Vogt and Lena Wolff


Bright Courage

Flying Goat, Healdsburg, CA

Solo Exhibition


All Together Now

Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Group exhibition curated by Adrienne Miller with Laura Baisden, Kelly Bonadies, Will Bryant, Andrew Burkitt, Chris Cheney, Gregory Scott Cook, Ann Flowers, Tate Foley, Alyson Fox, Chad Kouri, Bryce McCloud, Michelle Ramin, Stacey Reason, Sonnenzimmer, Brad Vetter, Betsy Walton, Lindsey Warren, and Lulu Wolf


Bound By A Common Geography

Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

New work by Alison Kendall and Clare Judith Bowers



Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Group exhibition with Marie d'Abreo, Alison Kendall, Michele King, Aondrea Maynard and Tessa Merrie


Tangible Intangibles

Mina Dresden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Group exhibition with Patter Hellstrom, Kevin Pincus, Charles Keatts and Atticus Wolrab


Space for Everything

Wall of Sound, Seattle, WA

Solo Exhibition



Canteen Gallery, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Group exhibition with Lindsay Campbell, Guen Douglas, Duane Hosein, Jennilee Murray, Hsinping Pan, Pierre Richardson and Mel Stringer


Cash and Carry

Issues, Oakland, CA

Solo Exhibition



20Twenty, Seattle, WA

Group exhibition with Leif Anderson, Anna Barker, Derek Bourcier, Jesse Brown, Chris Crites, Julia Gualtieri, Aaron Hilst, Jane Johnson, Joel Leshefka, Charlie Schuck and Sarah Sandman


Mega Mega Fun Friends

The Drug Store, San Francisco, CA

New Work by Atticus Wolrab and Clare Judith Bowers