Weaving appeals to my love of texture, problem-solving, geometry and order. I’m also fascinated by the history of textiles.  I’m particularly interested in the central role of women in textile production throughout history, the struggle for recognition of textile art within the art world, and the unequal distribution of power and profit in the textile industry.  Woven cloth cannot be separated from this rich and complicated history, which makes it an incredibly powerful creative medium. 

My experience as a painter informs my work with textiles, but rather than applying a pattern to a separate surface (as with painting), the pattern of intersecting threads actually creates the finished object.  On the loom, lines become a plane.  Off the loom, the plane is finished to create a three dimensional work of art.

I often use natural dyes, which can be unpredictable and ephemeral, to create patterns and shapes which can be intentional or left to chance.  I'm interested in exploring the tension between the precise nature of weaving and the dynamic qualities of natural dyes.